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Meow Apps AI Engine PRO 2.2.56 GPL Version

This plugin is updated and works fine.

Do you want to power up your WordPress website with artificial intelligence? Do you want to create engaging and relevant content, add a smart and interactive chatbot, fine-tune your own AI models, and more? If so, you might want to check out the Meow Apps AI Engine Pro plugin by Jordy Meow.

Meow Apps AI Engine Pro is a plugin that connects your WordPress website to OpenAI, one of the most advanced AI platforms in the world. It allows you to use various AI features to enhance your website, such as content generation, chatbot, AI playground, AI forms, embeddings, statistics, and more. You can also customize and control everything to suit your needs and preferences.

With Meow Apps AI Engine Pro, you can:

  • Generate fresh and engaging content for your site, such as blog posts, product descriptions, reviews, headlines, etc. You can also generate images based on your keywords or text.
  • Add a ChatGPT-style chatbot to your website that can interact with your visitors and answer their questions. You can choose from different personalities, languages, and behaviors for your chatbot. You can also make it aware of the content of the current page and use it to analyze or discuss it.
  • Try out a variety of tasks like translation, correction, summarization, sentiment analysis, etc. in the fun AI playground. You can also create your own templates for the playground or the content generator.
  • Use the AI copilot to access the AI features directly from the WordPress editor. You can also get quick suggestions for titles, excerpts, tags, etc. with one click.
  • Create dynamic forms that will generate answers based on the user’s input. You can use them for surveys, quizzes, feedback, etc.
  • Create manually or dynamically an index of knowledge that the AI will use to build its answers. You can use it for FAQs, glossaries, databases, etc.
  • Prepare datasets, manage them, and train new models based on them. You can use the concept of “casually fine-tuned” to make the process easier and faster.
  • Keep track of every AI request, get statistics and graphs, and set limits and conditions to the AI usage. You can also sell an AI service for your users based on your expertise.

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PS: This plugin is updated regularly.


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