ListingPro Lead Form 1.0.2 GPL

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ListingPro Lead Form 1.0.2 GPL Version

Are you ready to take your lead generation efforts to the next level? Look no further than ListingPro Lead Form 1.0.2. This game-changing plugin is designed to supercharge your e-commerce website by enabling you to capture high-quality leads directly from your listings. With its robust features and seamless integration, ListingPro Lead Form is the ultimate tool for driving customer engagement and boosting conversions. Get ready to revolutionize your lead generation strategy!

  1. Effortless Lead Capture: ListingPro Lead Form simplifies the lead capture process like never before. By integrating customizable lead forms into your listings, you can capture valuable customer information with ease. Whether it’s name, email address, phone number, or specific inquiries, this plugin ensures that you have all the necessary details to follow up and convert leads into loyal customers.
  2. Seamless Integration: Worried about compatibility with your existing website? Fear not! ListingPro Lead Form seamlessly integrates with your ListingPro-powered e-commerce website, ensuring a seamless user experience. With a few simple clicks, you can activate the lead forms and start capturing leads right away. The plugin seamlessly blends with your existing design and maintains a consistent look and feel, without any coding hassle.
  3. Customizable Lead Forms: No two businesses are the same, and neither should your lead forms be. ListingPro Lead Form offers extensive customization options, allowing you to create lead forms that align perfectly with your brand and target audience. You can customize form fields, add dropdown menus, checkboxes, or even create custom fields to collect specific information. The ability to tailor your lead forms ensures that you gather the most relevant and valuable data from your potential customers.
  4. Engaging Call-to-Actions: A compelling call-to-action (CTA) can make all the difference in converting a visitor into a lead. ListingPro Lead Form enables you to create eye-catching CTAs that grab attention and entice visitors to submit their information. You can customize the text, colors, and placement of your CTAs to maximize their impact and drive conversions. With the right CTA, you’ll see a significant boost in lead generation and customer engagement.
  5. Instant Lead Notifications: Timing is everything when it comes to following up with leads. ListingPro Lead Form ensures that you never miss a beat by sending instant notifications whenever a new lead is captured. Whether it’s an email notification or a push notification to your mobile device, you’ll be alerted in real-time, allowing you to promptly reach out to potential customers while their interest is still fresh.
  6. Robust Lead Management: Organizing and managing your leads is a breeze with ListingPro Lead Form. The plugin provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to view, sort, and filter your leads based on various criteria. You can also export lead data to external platforms or integrate it with your CRM system for seamless lead nurturing and conversion tracking. This efficient lead management system ensures that no lead falls through the cracks and maximizes your chances of turning leads into paying customers.
  7. Enhanced Conversion Tracking: To measure the success of your lead generation efforts, you need accurate conversion tracking. ListingPro Lead Form integrates seamlessly with popular analytics and tracking tools, allowing you to monitor and measure the performance of your lead forms. You can track conversions, form submissions, and other key metrics to gain valuable insights and optimize your lead generation strategy for maximum impact.
  8. Dedicated Support and Updates: ListingPro Lead Form comes with dedicated support and regular updates to ensure that you have a smooth and hassle-free experience. If you ever encounter any questions or issues, the support team is just a click away, ready to assist you. Regular updates also guarantee that the plugin remains compatible with the latest versions of ListingPro and WordPress, delivering a reliable and up-to-date lead generation solution.

As a result, ListingPro Lead Form 1.0.2 is a game-changing plugin that empowers you to capture high-quality leads directly from your listings. With its effortless lead capture, seamless integration, customizable lead forms, engaging CTAs, instant lead notifications, robust lead management, enhanced conversion tracking, and dedicated support, this plugin takes your lead generation efforts to new heights. Embrace ListingPro Lead Form and unleash the power of converting leads into loyal customers. Get ready for an influx of high-quality leads and skyrocketing conversions!

PS: This plugin is regularly updated at regular intervals.


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Original price was: €8.50.Current price is: €3.99.
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