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LearnPress Certificates Add-on 4.0.7 GPL Version

The landscape of e-learning is ever-evolving, and offering personalized, tangible recognitions of learners’ achievements has become essential. With the LearnPress Certificates Add-on 4.0.7, now GPL licensed, educators and e-learning platforms can effortlessly create and award customized certificates to learners, enhancing the educational experience.

Highlighted Features:

Personalized Certificates: Customize and design unique certificates for each course, adding a personal touch to the learners’ achievements.

GPL License: The freedom to modify, adapt, and improve the add-on, ensuring it aligns with the dynamic needs of your educational platform without legal restrictions.

Seamless Integration with LearnPress: This add-on is designed to integrate effortlessly with the LearnPress LMS, ensuring compatibility and smooth operation.

Downloadable Certificates: Learners can easily download their certificates upon course completion, offering a tangible recognition of their achievements.

Why Choose LearnPress Certificates Add-on 4.0.7?

Enhanced Engagement: Offering certificates increases learners’ motivation and engagement, driving course completion rates and overall satisfaction.

Customization Freedom: Being GPL licensed, this add-on can be customized to resonate with your brand’s aesthetics and educational standards.

Professional Appeal: The addition of certificates adds a professional touch to your courses, making them more appealing to prospective learners.

Increased Credibility: Certificates boost the credibility of your courses, aiding in building a trusted reputation in the competitive e-learning market.

PS:This plugin is regularly checked and updated.


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LearnPress Certificates Add-on 4.0.7 GPL
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