LatePoint Qr Code on Confirmation Addon 1.0.3 GPL



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LatePoint Qr Code on Confirmation Addon 1.0.3 GPL Version

In today’s fast-paced digital era, convenience and efficiency are not just desired; they are expected. Catering to this need, we present to you the LatePoint QR Code on Confirmation Addon 1.0.3. Now, GPL-licensed, this addon is a potent tool designed to infuse simplicity and swiftness into the appointment management process.

Essential Features:

QR Code Confirmation: Every booking is followed by a QR code confirmation, making appointments hassle-free. Clients can easily present the QR code during the appointment, ensuring quick and secure verification.

GPL License: Enjoy an open-source platform where adaptability meets reliability. Modify and adapt the addon, ensuring it fits the unique requirements of your business, free from any legal or financial constraints.

Seamless Integration: It works in perfect harmony with the LatePoint system, ensuring that the integration enhances the appointment booking and confirmation process.

User Engagement: The intuitive design ensures users can easily navigate and utilize the QR code feature, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

Why Opt for LatePoint QR Code on Confirmation Addon 1.0.3?

Efficiency Boost: Say goodbye to tedious confirmation processes. The QR code ensures quick verification, saving time for both the client and the service provider.

Enhanced Security: Every QR code is unique, ensuring that each confirmation is secure, reducing the risk of fraud or misidentification.

Environmental Friendly: Eliminate the need for paper confirmations, contribute to a greener planet by opting for a digital, secure, and efficient confirmation process.

Customizable: With the GPL license, adapt and modify the addon to align with your branding and business needs.

The LatePoint QR Code on Confirmation Addon 1.0.3 is not just an addon; it’s a pathway to an enhanced, secure, and efficient appointment confirmation process. Its integration will not just be an upgrade but a transformation that will make appointment confirmations a breeze.

PS:This plugin is regularly checked and updated.


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LatePoint Qr Code on Confirmation Addon 1.0.3 GPL
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