Journal Research Publication WordPress Plugin 5.0.1 GPL

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Journal Research Publication WordPress Plugin 5.0.1 GPL Version

A “Journal Research Publication” plugin for WordPress would likely offer features and tools to facilitate the management and presentation of academic or research-related content on a website. Here are some common features such a plugin might include:

  1. Research Paper Management: The plugin could provide a structured system for managing research papers, articles, or academic publications. It might include features for easy uploading, categorization, and organization of research content.
  2. Publication Listings: Users might have the ability to create listings or archives of research publications, allowing visitors to browse, search, and access academic papers directly on the website.
  3. Metadata and Taxonomies: The plugin could support metadata and taxonomies specific to academic content, enabling users to categorize papers based on topics, authors, publication dates, or keywords for efficient search and filtering.
  4. Advanced Search and Filters: It might include advanced search functionalities that allow users to find specific research papers based on various criteria, enhancing the usability of the content repository.
  5. Publication Formats and Display: The plugin might offer customizable templates or styles for displaying research publications, ensuring a visually appealing and standardized presentation of academic content.
  6. Citation Management: Some plugins might provide features to manage citations, references, or bibliographic information associated with research papers, aiding in proper academic citation practices.
  7. GPL License: Operating under the GPL license, users typically have the freedom to modify and distribute the plugin according to their requirements, fostering collaboration and enhancements within the academic community.

PS: This plugin is regularly checked and updated.


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Original price was: €7.50.Current price is: €3.99.
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