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Internal Link Juicer Pro 1.2.19 GPL Version

Internal Link Juicer Pro 1.2.19 is the latest version of the popular WordPress plugin that automates the process of building internal links within your post content. Internal links are essential for improving your on-page SEO and user experience, as they help your visitors find relevant content and navigate your site more easily. Internal Link Juicer Pro 1.2.19 allows you to configure your desired keywords for each post, and then automatically generates links to other posts or pages that match those keywords. You can also link to external pages, such as affiliate links, using the custom link targets feature. The plugin also offers a professional statistics dashboard, where you can monitor the performance and impact of your internal links. With Internal Link Juicer Pro 1.2.19, you can boost your internal linking strategy and optimize your website for both search engines and users.

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PS: This plugin is updated at regular intervals.


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Internal Link Juicer Pro 1.2.19 GPLInternal Link Juicer Pro 1.2.19 GPL
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