Instagram Style Stories for WordPress – BP Story 3.1.5 GPL



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Instagram Style Stories for WordPress – BP Story 3.1.5 GPL Version

Bring the captivating and dynamic experience of Instagram-style stories to your WordPress website with BP Story 3.1.5 GPL. This innovative plugin allows you to integrate engaging, ephemeral story content directly into your site, providing a modern and interactive user experience that can enhance engagement and time spent on your site.

Core Features:

  1. Interactive Story Format: Emulate the popular Instagram story functionality, allowing users to post and view short-term content that disappears after a set duration, creating a sense of urgency and engagement.
  2. User Engagement: Encourage your site visitors and users to stay longer and interact more with your content by browsing through stories that are visually appealing and easy to consume.
  3. Customization Options: BP Story offers extensive customization options, enabling you to align the look and feel of your stories with your brand identity. Customize story durations, transitions, and more to suit your site’s style.
  4. Mobile Optimization: Recognizing the importance of mobile user experience, BP Story ensures that stories are fully responsive and optimized for viewing on various devices, providing a seamless experience for all users.
  5. Easy Content Creation: Users can easily create and upload content to their stories, fostering a community atmosphere and encouraging user-generated content, which can increase engagement and loyalty.
  6. GPL Licensed: With the GPL license, you have the flexibility to modify, customize, and distribute your version of the plugin, giving you complete control over how you utilize it to enhance your site.


  • Boosted User Interaction: By incorporating a familiar and popular content format, you can increase user engagement and interaction on your site.
  • Fresh and Dynamic Content: Stories add a dynamic layer of content that keeps your site fresh and engaging, encouraging repeat visits.
  • Enhanced Visual Appeal: The visual and immersive nature of stories can enhance the overall aesthetic of your site and offer an engaging way for users to interact with your content.
  • Cross-Promotion: Use stories to highlight promotions, news, or other important content, driving attention and action from your audience.
  • Community Building: Encourage a sense of community and user interaction by allowing your audience to contribute and view stories on your platform.


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Instagram Style Stories for WordPress – BP Story 3.1.5 GPL
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