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Hydrogen Pack For Oxygen Builder 1.4.0 GPL Version

Hydrogen Pack for Oxygen Builder is a WordPress plugin that adds a lot of useful features and enhancements to the Oxygen website builder. Oxygen is a powerful and flexible tool that allows you to create and customize any kind of website, but it also has some limitations and drawbacks. Hydrogen Pack aims to solve these problems and improve your workflow with Oxygen. Here are some of the features that Hydrogen Pack offers:

  • Copy and paste elements and styles: You can easily duplicate any element or style from one page or site to another, using the familiar keyboard shortcuts or the right-click menu. You can also copy and paste elements and styles between different Oxygen versions, or even between different browsers. This saves you a lot of time and hassle when you need to reuse your designs or apply consistent styles across your site.
  • Enhanced structure panel: You can adjust the width of the structure panel to fit your screen size and preferences. You can also enable the compact mode, which reduces the spacing and padding between the elements, making it easier to see the whole structure of your page. You can also enable the element icons, which show you the type of each element at a glance, without having to hover over them.
  • Sandbox mode: You can work on your live site without affecting the visitors or the published version. Sandbox mode creates an isolated environment where you can make any changes you want, without worrying about breaking anything or losing your work. You can also share a secure link with your clients or colleagues, so they can preview your changes and give you feedback.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: You can access over 60 keyboard shortcuts that let you perform various actions and commands in Oxygen, such as saving, undoing, inserting, deleting, moving, aligning, switching panels, toggling modes, and more. You can also customize the keyboard shortcuts to suit your preferences and habits.
  • And more: Hydrogen Pack also offers other handy tools and options, such as disabling edit locking, hiding empty elements, adding custom CSS classes, importing global colors, and more.

Hydrogen Pack for Oxygen Builder is a must-have plugin for anyone who uses Oxygen to create websites.

PS: This plugin is updated regularly.


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Hydrogen Pack For Oxygen Builder 1.4.0 GPLHydrogen Pack For Oxygen Builder 1.4.0 GPL
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