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GravityView 2.19.4 GPL Version

GravityView 2.19.4 is a WordPress plugin that allows you to display, filter, and edit your Gravity Forms entries on your website. It is one of the most popular and powerful plugins for Gravity Forms, with over 10,000 active installations and a 5-star rating. You can use GravityView to create any type of directory, listing, or table for your form data, such as a business directory, a job board, a product catalog, a membership site, and more.

With GravityView 2.19.4, you can:

  • Create unlimited views for your form entries, using different layouts, fields, filters, and settings.
  • Display your views anywhere on your website, using shortcodes, widgets, or Gutenberg blocks.
  • Customize the appearance and functionality of your views, using themes, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Allow users to edit their own entries or create new ones from the front-end, using the Entry Creator and Entry Editor features.
  • Search and sort your entries by any criteria, using the powerful Search Bar feature.
  • Add pagination or infinite scrolling to your views, to improve user experience and performance.
  • Integrate your views with other plugins and services, such as Maps Layout, DataTables, A-Z Filters, Ratings & Reviews, and more.

GravityView 2.19.4 is the latest version of this plugin, released on July 21, 2023. It comes with some new and improved features that make it even more user-friendly and versatile. Some of the highlights of this version are:

  • Fixed: Incorrect total entry count and hidden pagination when View contains an Entry Edit field.
  • Fixed: Performance issue when using Gravity Forms 2.6.9 or older.
  • Fixed: WP-CLI not displaying available GravityKit product updates.
  • Updated: Foundation to version 1.1.1.
  • Developer Notes: Added gk/gravityview/view/entries/cache filter to provide control over the caching of View entries (default: true).

GravityView 2.19.4 is a must-have plugin for anyone who wants to display their Gravity Forms entries on their website in a beautiful and flexible way. It is compatible with WordPress 6.1.x and above, and works well with all major browsers.

Buy it today!

PS: This plugin is updated regularly.


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