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Gravity Forms – SuiteCRM Integration 2.3.0 GPL Version.

How to Connect Gravity Forms and SuiteCRM with Ease

Do you want to streamline your lead generation and customer relationship management processes? Do you want to capture leads from your WordPress website and send them to your SuiteCRM account automatically? If so, you need Gravity Forms – SuiteCRM Integration, the ultimate WordPress plugin for connecting Gravity Forms and SuiteCRM.

Gravity Forms – SuiteCRM Integration is a WordPress plugin that lets you integrate your Gravity Forms forms with SuiteCRM Lead, Contact or Case modules. This way, you can automatically add or update your Gravity Forms form submissions to your SuiteCRM account, without any manual work. You can also easily map your Gravity Forms form fields to your SuiteCRM module fields, and sync any custom fields or file attachments.

With Gravity Forms – SuiteCRM Integration, you can:

  • Choose from different action events, such as ‘Create Module Record’ or ‘Create/Update Module Record’.
  • Support any SuiteCRM custom fields, such as Phone, Picklist, Multi-Picklist, Date, Email, Text, etc.
  • Support Gravity Forms file attachments and upload them to your SuiteCRM Notes.
  • Support ‘Relationship’ type field (Assigned To) of SuiteCRM module.
  • Sort your SuiteCRM module fields in alphabetical order for easy mapping.
  • View SuiteCRM API error logs and receive email notifications for any errors.
  • Integrate unlimited Gravity Forms forms with SuiteCRM.

Gravity Forms – SuiteCRM Integration is compatible with WPML, Gutenberg, and all major browsers. It uses the REST API from SuiteCRM to connect with your account securely. It also supports authentication via Firebase if you want to require users to log in or sign up.

Gravity Forms – SuiteCRM Integration is easy to install and use. Just download, activate and go to Settings > Gravity Forms – SuiteCRM Integration to set up your connection. Then go to any Gravity Forms form and click on the ‘SuiteCRM’ tab to configure the integration settings. You can also use filters to show or hide the current price, the last updated time, or the currency symbol.

PS: This plugin receives regular and consistent updates.


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Gravity Forms – SuiteCRM Integration 2.3.0 GPLGravity Forms – SuiteCRM Integration 2.3.0 GPL
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