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Gravity Forms Signature Add-On 4.6.0 GPL Version

If you need to collect signatures online from your customers, clients, or users, you might want to check out the Gravity Forms Signature Add-On 4.6.0. This add-on allows you to add a signature field to any form created with Gravity Forms, the most popular WordPress form builder plugin.

With the signature field, users can sign your forms using a touchscreen device, a touchpad, or a mouse. The signature data is then converted into a PNG image file and stored on your server. You can view the signatures within the entry details of each form submission.

The Signature Add-On 4.6.0 is compatible with all major desktop and mobile browsers, and does not require any additional browser plugins. It also fixes an issue that made the signature reset button hard to press using mobile browsers.

The Signature Add-On 4.6.0 is available with the Gravity Forms Elite license, which also includes other powerful add-ons such as PayPal Payments Pro, Stripe, Zapier, User Registration, and more

PS: This plugin is regularly checked and updated.


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Gravity Forms Signature Add-On 4.6.0 GPL
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