Gravity Forms Email Verification – OTP Verification 1.6 GPL



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Gravity Forms Email Verification – OTP Verification 1.6 GPL Version

Elevate the security and reliability of your WordPress website’s form submissions with the Gravity Forms Email Verification – OTP Verification 1.6 GPL. This essential plugin introduces an added layer of verification by sending a one-time password (OTP) to the user’s email, ensuring that the submitted email address is valid and actively monitored by the user.

Key Features:

  1. Email Verification via OTP: Integrate an extra security step into your Gravity Forms by requiring users to enter an OTP sent to their email address. This process helps to confirm the authenticity of the email provided and deters fraudulent or inaccurate submissions.
  2. GPL Licensed: The plugin is distributed under the General Public License (GPL), giving you the freedom to use, modify, and distribute it according to your needs. This flexibility is ideal for customizing the plugin to fit your specific website requirements and user engagement strategies.
  3. Customizable Email Templates: Tailor the email verification messages to align with your brand’s voice and design. The plugin allows you to customize the content, subject line, and sender details of the OTP verification emails, providing a consistent user experience.
  4. Easy Integration and Setup: Gravity Forms Email Verification – OTP Verification is designed for straightforward integration and configuration with your existing Gravity Forms. The setup process is user-friendly, requiring no advanced technical skills to implement and activate the OTP verification feature.
  5. Improved Form Submission Quality: By verifying email addresses through OTP, you can enhance the overall quality of your form submissions. This verification ensures that you collect accurate and usable contact information, facilitating more effective communication and engagement with your audience.
  6. Enhanced Security: The addition of OTP email verification adds a robust security layer to your forms, protecting against spam, bots, and unauthorized submissions. This feature is particularly beneficial for registration, subscription, and sensitive information forms.

Boost Your Form’s Integrity:

Implementing Gravity Forms Email Verification – OTP Verification 1.6 GPL on your WordPress site significantly bolsters the integrity and security of your form submissions. By verifying user emails through a straightforward and efficient OTP process, you can improve data accuracy, enhance user engagement, and reinforce your website’s security posture. Upgrade your Gravity Forms with this powerful verification tool and enjoy a more secure and reliable form submission process.


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Gravity Forms Email Verification – OTP Verification 1.6 GPL
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