Google Tag Manager for WooCommerce PRO 1.11.4 GPL

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Google Tag Manager for WooCommerce PRO 1.11.4 GPL Version

In the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, staying on top of your website’s performance is crucial for success. To help you track and optimize your WooCommerce store effectively, there’s the “Google Tag Manager for WooCommerce PRO 1.11.4,” available under the GPL license.

This plugin is a game-changer for online store owners looking to harness the power of Google Tag Manager (GTM) to enhance their e-commerce tracking. Here’s why it’s a must-have for your WooCommerce store:

1. Streamlined Tracking: Google Tag Manager simplifies the process of adding and managing various tracking codes, scripts, and tags on your website. With GTM for WooCommerce PRO, you can seamlessly integrate tracking for sales, conversions, and user behavior without diving into complex coding.

2. Enhanced E-commerce Tracking: This plugin takes your e-commerce tracking to the next level. Monitor critical metrics like product views, add to cart actions, and successful purchases with precision. Gain insights into what products are hot, what’s in customers’ carts, and how they navigate through your store.

3. Custom Event Tracking: Tailor your tracking to your specific needs. GTM for WooCommerce PRO allows you to set up custom events and triggers, empowering you to track user interactions such as video views, form submissions, or downloads accurately.

4. Improved ROI Analysis: By efficiently tracking user interactions, you’ll have a clearer picture of your marketing efforts’ ROI. You can attribute conversions and sales to specific marketing campaigns, helping you allocate your budget more effectively.

5. Conversion Rate Optimization: Armed with data from Google Tag Manager, you can identify bottlenecks in your sales funnel and optimize the customer journey. Make data-driven decisions to improve your store’s conversion rates and ultimately boost revenue.

6. GPL License: The GPL license means you have the freedom to customize and adapt the plugin to suit your unique requirements. You’re not locked into a rigid system, ensuring that your tracking is as dynamic as your e-commerce business.

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PS:This plugin is regularly checked and updated.


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Google Tag Manager for WooCommerce PRO 1.11.4 GPL
Original price was: €8.50.Current price is: €3.99.
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