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Give Tributes 2.1.0 GPL Version

Give Tributes 2.1.0 GPL is a powerful extension for the GiveWP WordPress donation plugin, designed to enhance the donation experience by allowing donors to make contributions in honor or memory of someone. This thoughtful feature not only adds a personal touch to the donation process but also encourages giving by enabling donors to connect their contributions to personal sentiments and memories. Whether for non-profit organizations, charities, or any entity relying on donations, Give Tributes offers a unique way to increase engagement and support. Here’s how Give Tributes can benefit your donation campaigns:

  1. Personalized Donations: Enable donors to make their contributions more meaningful by dedicating their donations in honor or memory of someone. This personal connection can motivate higher and more frequent donations.
  2. Customizable Tribute Options: Tailor the tribute process to fit your organization’s needs. Customize the fields and options donors see when making a tribute, ensuring a seamless integration with your donation forms.
  3. Automated Notification Cards: Offer donors the option to send automated e-cards or printable cards to notify others of their tribute. This feature adds an extra layer of personalization and acknowledgment, enhancing the donor experience.
  4. Dedication Acknowledgment: Automatically generate acknowledgments for tribute donations, ensuring that donors and honorees (or their families) receive recognition for their contributions.
  5. Flexible Tribute Management: Manage all tributes directly from your WordPress dashboard. Track and organize donations made in honor or memory, making it easier to handle dedications and acknowledgments.
  6. Integration with GiveWP: As an extension of GiveWP, Give Tributes seamlessly integrates with one of the most popular donation plugins for WordPress, leveraging its robust donation management system.
  7. GPL Licensing: Give Tributes 2.1.0 GPL is licensed under GPL, granting you the freedom to use, modify, and distribute the extension to meet your organization’s specific needs. This flexibility is invaluable for creating a customized donation experience.
  8. Enhanced Donor Engagement: By allowing donors to make donations in tribute, you provide a deeply personal reason to support your cause, fostering stronger connections and long-term engagement with your organization.

PS: This theme is regularly checked and updated.


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Give Tributes 2.1.0 GPL
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