GeoDirectory Buddypress Integration 2.3 GPL



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GeoDirectory Buddypress Integration 2.3 GPL Version

Building an interactive online community while efficiently managing a business directory just got simpler with GeoDirectory BuddyPress Integration 2.3 GPL. This innovative plugin effortlessly combines the powerful directory features of GeoDirectory with the social prowess of BuddyPress, facilitating an engaging and dynamic platform where businesses and community thrive.

Key Features:
1. Enhanced Social Interaction:

Users can engage, interact, and socialize on your directory site. From private messaging, friend requests, to groups and forums – social engagement is at its pinnacle.

2. Customized User Profiles:

Allow users to create detailed profiles, showcasing their businesses and services, enhancing the community feel and personalized experience.

3. Business Reviews and Ratings:

Community members can rate and review businesses directly on their profiles, promoting transparency, credibility, and engagement.

4. Location-Based Services:

With GeoDirectory integration, users can effortlessly find businesses and services based on locations, fostering local engagement and connectivity.

5. GPL Compliant:

Operating under the General Public License, users have the flexibility to modify, distribute, and enhance the software, ensuring adaptability to diverse needs and functionalities.

PS:This plugin is regularly checked and updated.


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GeoDirectory Buddypress Integration 2.3 GPL
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