Formidable Forms – MailChimp Add-On 2.06 GPL

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Formidable Forms – MailChimp Add-On 2.06 GPL Version

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, seamless integration with email marketing platforms is crucial for successful campaigns. The Formidable Forms – MailChimp Add-On 2.06 GPL plugin emerges as a powerful tool, designed to enhance your email marketing strategy by integrating Formidable Forms with the popular MailChimp platform.

Key Features:

  1. MailChimp Integration: Streamline your email marketing efforts by seamlessly integrating Formidable Forms with MailChimp. The plugin allows users to connect their forms directly to MailChimp lists, facilitating efficient data synchronization for targeted email campaigns.
  2. Opt-In Management: Effectively manage user consent with built-in opt-in features. Formidable Forms – MailChimp Add-On allows users to implement opt-in checkboxes on their forms, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations and maintaining a high-quality subscriber list.
  3. Custom Field Mapping: Tailor your email campaigns by mapping form fields to MailChimp merge fields. This customization ensures that data collected through Formidable Forms is accurately transferred to MailChimp, allowing for personalized and targeted communication.
  4. Conditional Logic: Optimize your form’s behavior with conditional logic. The plugin supports conditional logic for MailChimp integration, enabling users to define specific criteria for adding subscribers to different lists or segments.
  5. GPL Licensed: Operating under the GPL license, Formidable Forms – MailChimp Add-On 2.06 GPL provides users with the freedom to modify and distribute the software according to their specific email marketing integration needs.

PS: The updates for this plugin are steady and frequent.


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Formidable Forms – MailChimp Add-On 2.06 GPL
Original price was: €7.75.Current price is: €3.99.
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