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FooBar WordPress Notifications (Premium) 2.1.28 GPL Version

Are you looking for a way to create eye-catching notification bars, announcements and cookie notices on your WordPress site? Do you want to boost your conversions, generate leads, and grow your customer base? If so, you need to check out FooBar WordPress Notifications (Premium) 2.1.28!

FooBar WordPress Notifications (Premium) 2.1.28 is a versatile and powerful plugin that allows you to create unlimited notification bars with different types, styles, positions, effects, and triggers. You can use it to communicate with your visitors, advertise your products or services, show countdowns and free shipping offers, capture emails and integrate with Mailchimp, and much more!

With FooBar WordPress Notifications (Premium) 2.1.28, you can customize every aspect of your notification bars, from the message and the call to action button, to the background color and the font size. You can also choose from 12 different positions, including left and right bars, and set various open and close triggers, such as exit intent, time delay, scroll distance, and more.

FooBar WordPress Notifications (Premium) 2.1.28 also supports scheduling and visibility conditions, so you can decide when and where your notification bars will show up on your site. You can also use attention-grabbing effects, such as bounce, flash, or pulse, to make your notification bars stand out and increase your click-through rate.

FooBar WordPress Notifications (Premium) 2.1.28 is compatible with PHP 7.4 and SEO friendly. It also supports emojis and complies with the EU GDPR cookie law and CCPA regulations.

PS: This plugin is updated at regular intervals.


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FooBar WordPress Notifications (Premium) 2.1.28 GPLFooBar WordPress Notifications (Premium) 2.1.28 GPL
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