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WARNING:It’s but some features won’t work without a valid API token or license key. We don’t provide these.

FlyingPress – Taking WordPress to New Heights 4.7.0 GPL Version.

This is an A+ plugin.

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world, powering over 40% of the web. However, WordPress sites can also suffer from slow loading times, poor performance, and low rankings on search engines. That’s why you need FlyingPress – Taking WordPress to New Heights 4.7.0.

FlyingPress is a lightweight and easy to use speed optimization plugin for WordPress. It boosts your site’s speed, performance, and user experience by applying various modern browser optimizations and best practices. With FlyingPress, you can:

  • Optimize your CSS by generating critical and used CSS, minifying and combining CSS files, and removing unused CSS.
  • Optimize your JavaScript by deferring and delaying JS loading, minifying and combining JS files, and removing unused JS.
  • Optimize your images by lazy loading them, resizing them to fit the container, compressing them with WebP format, and serving them from a CDN.
  • Optimize your HTML by lazy rendering HTML elements, minifying HTML output, and preloading important resources.
  • Optimize your database by cleaning up revisions, transients, spam comments, and other unnecessary data.
  • Optimize your site for Core Web Vitals, the new ranking factors that measure the quality of your site’s user experience.

FlyingPress is compatible with all WordPress themes and plugins that follow the WordPress standards. It also works with any WordPress hosting provider, whether it’s shared, VPS, or cloud. It has a simple and intuitive user interface that makes speed optimization easy for both beginners and experts.

PS: This plugin is updated at regular intervals.


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FlyingPress – Taking WordPress to New Heights 4.0.0 GPLFlyingPress – Taking WordPress to New Heights 4.7.0 GPL
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