Ezinomatic Automatic Post Generator – CodeRevolution 1.5.2 GPL

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Ezinomatic Automatic Post Generator – CodeRevolution 1.5.2 GPL Version

Ezinomatic Automatic Post Generator by CodeRevolution 1.5.2 GPL is an innovative WordPress plugin that streamlines the process of generating and publishing content on your website automatically. Ideal for bloggers, content creators, and website owners, this plugin offers powerful features to automate content creation and keep your website fresh and engaging. Here’s how Ezinomatic can simplify your content management tasks:

1. Content Aggregation: Ezinomatic allows you to aggregate content from various sources such as RSS feeds, YouTube channels, eBay listings, Amazon products, and more. This feature enables you to curate a diverse range of content relevant to your audience’s interests.

2. Automated Posting: Set up automatic posting schedules to publish content at regular intervals without manual intervention. You can specify the frequency of posts, select specific categories or tags, and customize post templates to ensure consistency and relevance.

3. Content Customization: Tailor the imported content to fit your website’s style and tone. Ezinomatic offers advanced customization options, including text spinning, keyword replacement, and image resizing, allowing you to add your unique touch to curated content.

4. Multi-Source Integration: Import content from multiple sources simultaneously to enrich your website with a variety of content types. Whether you want to feature blog posts, product listings, videos, or social media updates, Ezinomatic makes it possible to diversify your content effortlessly.

5. Post Filtering: Apply filters to imported content to ensure that only high-quality, relevant posts are published on your website. You can set criteria based on keywords, author, publication date, or other parameters to maintain content quality and relevance.

6. Post Scheduling: Schedule imported content to be published at optimal times for maximum visibility and engagement. Ezinomatic’s scheduling feature allows you to plan content distribution strategically, ensuring consistent activity on your website.

7. Performance Optimization: The plugin is optimized for performance, ensuring efficient content processing and minimal impact on website speed and resource usage. This optimization helps maintain a smooth browsing experience for your visitors.

8. GPL Licensing: Ezinomatic Automatic Post Generator by CodeRevolution 1.5.2 GPL adheres to the GPL license, granting you the freedom to use, modify, and redistribute the software according to your needs. This flexibility promotes customization and collaboration within the WordPress community.

In summary, Ezinomatic Automatic Post Generator 1.5.2 GPL is a valuable tool for automating content generation and management on your WordPress website. Whether you’re looking to supplement your original content with curated posts or streamline content publishing workflows, this plugin offers the features and flexibility to simplify your tasks and keep your website dynamic and engaging.


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Ezinomatic Automatic Post Generator – CodeRevolution 1.5.2 GPL
Original price was: €7.50.Current price is: €3.99.
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