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ElementorSheets 4.3 GPL Version.

Plugin Explanation:

ElementorSheets 4.3 is a plugin that allows you to save and manage your Elementor Pro Form entries in a Google Spreadsheet. It is a simple and effective way to collect and organize your form data without any coding required.

With ElementorSheets 4.3, you can:

  • Automatically create a Google Spreadsheet for each Elementor form you have on your website.
  • Add, edit, delete, or reorder columns in the spreadsheet according to your needs.
  • Sync all the form entries in real-time with the spreadsheet.
  • View and edit the spreadsheet from your WordPress dashboard or Google Drive account.
  • Export the spreadsheet data as CSV, PDF, or Excel files.

ElementorSheets 4.3 is compatible with all types of Elementor forms, including contact forms, registration forms, booking forms, feedback forms, and more. It also supports all the Elementor Pro Form fields, such as text, email, number, date, time, file upload, etc.

ElementorSheets 4.3 is easy to set up and use. You just need to install the plugin, connect it with your Google account, and select the form you want to sync with the spreadsheet. You can also customize the spreadsheet name, sheet name, and column names in the plugin settings.

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PS: This plugin is regularly checked and updated.


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