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Divi Show Hide Button Module 1.6.0 GPL Version

For website designers seeking to add interactive elements to their site, the Divi Show Hide Button Module 1.6.0 GPL offers a dynamic and versatile solution. This module, specifically crafted for Divi Theme users, provides a simple yet effective way to manage content visibility on your website.

Key Features

  1. Seamless Divi Integration: Perfectly compatible with the Divi Builder, this module adds functionality without compromising on design or performance.
  2. Interactive Show/Hide Buttons: Create buttons that reveal or hide content on click, offering an interactive experience for your site visitors.
  3. Customizable Button Design: Tailor the look of your buttons to match your site’s style, with customizable colors, fonts, and sizes.
  4. GPL Licensing: Ensures the module adheres to the principles of General Public License, promoting open-source usage and reliability.
  5. Version 1.6.0: This updated version includes new features and improvements, ensuring smoother operation and enhanced user experience.

Benefits for Your Website

  • Improved User Engagement: Interactive buttons make your site more engaging and can help guide visitors to important content.
  • Space Optimization: Efficiently manage your webpage space by hiding less crucial information until it’s needed.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: The ability to customize buttons allows for a seamless integration with your site’s design, contributing to a cohesive and attractive layout.

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Divi Show Hide Button Module 1.6.0 GPL
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