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Divi Recipe Module 1.0.0 GPL Version

For culinary websites and food bloggers, the Divi Recipe Module 1.0.0 GPL offers a game-changing solution. Designed to integrate with Divi, one of the most popular WordPress themes, this module is tailored to display recipes in a visually appealing and easily manageable way.

Key Features

  1. Seamless Integration with Divi: This module integrates flawlessly with Divi Builder, allowing for easy insertion and styling of recipes within your website.
  2. Intuitive Design Options: Customize the look and feel of your recipes with various design options, ensuring they align with your site’s aesthetic and brand identity.
  3. User-Friendly Recipe Management: Add, edit, and manage recipes with ease, thanks to the module’s straightforward and intuitive interface.
  4. GPL Licensing: The General Public License ensures open-source accessibility, making this module a transparent and trustworthy addition to your website tools.
  5. Version 1.0.0: This inaugural version introduces a stable, efficient foundation for displaying recipes, with the potential for future enhancements and updates.

Benefits for Culinary Websites

  • Enhanced Presentation: Display your recipes in a more organized and visually appealing manner, attracting more visitors and engaging them effectively.
  • Increased Functionality: Add features such as ingredient lists, cooking instructions, and nutritional information in a structured layout.
  • Community Building: Encourage visitor interaction by making your recipes easy to follow, share, and comment on.

PS: This plugin is regularly checked and updated.


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Divi Recipe Module 1.0.0 GPL
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