Crypto Portfolio Tracker WordPress Plugin 1.6.4 GPL

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Crypto Portfolio Tracker WordPress Plugin 1.6.4 GPL Version

Are you looking for a way to showcase your crypto investments on your WordPress website? Do you want to track your portfolio performance in real time and share it with your audience? If so, you need Crypto Portfolio Tracker, the best WordPress plugin for crypto enthusiasts.

Crypto Portfolio Tracker is a WordPress plugin that lets you create your own unique cryptocurrency portfolios, track their performance in real time and share them with others. You can choose from more than 6000 cryptocurrencies, add as many transactions as you like, and see how your portfolio is valued in any fiat currency. You can also view key metrics such as investment amount, profit/loss, volatility and historical charts.

But that’s not all. Crypto Portfolio Tracker also lets you share your portfolios with others by creating unique shareable links. This way, you can show off your crypto skills, attract new followers, or teach others how to invest in crypto. Shared portfolios update in real time and any changes to their structure will be reflected immediately without page refresh. This means that everyone who has a shared portfolio open will see any coins added or removed right away.

Crypto Portfolio Tracker is easy to install and use. Just download, activate and go to Settings > Cryptocurrency to set up your portfolio. Then use the shortcode [cryptocurrency_table] to display it on any page or post. You can also customize the appearance of the table by using filters to show or hide the current price, the last updated time, or the currency symbol.

Crypto Portfolio Tracker is compatible with WPML, Gutenberg, and all major browsers. It uses the public API from to retrieve cryptocurrency prices and caches them for 60 seconds to avoid flooding the API. It also supports authentication via Firebase if you want to require users to log in or sign up.

If you are looking for a powerful and versatile WordPress plugin for crypto enthusiasts, look no further than Crypto Portfolio Tracker. It will help you create and manage your crypto portfolio with ease and style.

PS: This plugin receives regular and consistent updates.


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Crypto Portfolio Tracker WordPress Plugin 1.6.4 GPLCrypto Portfolio Tracker WordPress Plugin 1.6.4 GPL
Original price was: €9.00.Current price is: €3.99.
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