Coupons + | Advanced WooCommerce Coupons Plugin 1.1.1 GPL

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Coupons + | Advanced WooCommerce Coupons Plugin 1.1.1 GPL Version

Transform your WooCommerce store’s discounting and promotional strategies with Coupons + | Advanced WooCommerce Coupons Plugin 1.1.1 GPL. This innovative plugin extends the basic coupon functionalities of WooCommerce, providing advanced features to create more dynamic, targeted, and effective promotional campaigns. Ideal for online retailers seeking to boost sales, attract new customers, or reward loyalty, this GPL-compliant tool allows for nuanced coupon management, driving engagement and incentivizing purchases.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Discount Rules: Go beyond basic percentage or fixed amount discounts by setting up complex discount rules based on products, categories, user roles, purchase history, and more.
  • Tiered Pricing Incentives: Implement tiered discounts to encourage larger purchases, offering greater savings based on cart total, quantity, or selected product combinations.
  • Usage Restrictions: Fine-tune your coupon strategy with detailed usage restrictions, including minimum spend, eligible products, or user role limitations, to target specific segments and objectives.
  • Dynamic Coupon Generation: Create coupons dynamically based on customer actions or events, providing personalized incentives that enhance the shopping experience and foster loyalty.
  • BOGO Deals: Easily set up “Buy One, Get One” promotions, a popular and effective sales tactic, to clear inventory or introduce customers to new products.
  • Expiration Flexibility: Control coupon validity with precision, setting exact dates, time-limited offers, or expiration based on user-specific criteria, such as first-time use.
  • Visual Customization: Customize the appearance of your coupons to align with your branding, making them visually appealing and easily recognizable to customers.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Track coupon usage and performance with detailed analytics, enabling you to assess the impact of your promotional campaigns and adjust strategies accordingly.
  • Seamless Integration: Work effortlessly within the WooCommerce environment, ensuring compatibility and a seamless user experience for both store managers and customers.
  • Bulk Coupon Management: Manage large numbers of coupons efficiently with bulk creation and editing capabilities, saving time and maintaining consistency across campaigns.


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Coupons + | Advanced WooCommerce Coupons Plugin 1.1.1 GPL
Original price was: €8.50.Current price is: €3.99.
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