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Community Events – Calendarize it! GPL Version

Community Events – Calendarize it! GPL is a robust extension for the Calendarize it! WordPress plugin, designed to empower community engagement by allowing users to create and manage events directly on your website. This addon facilitates collaboration, fosters interaction, and enhances participation within your community by providing a platform for users to organize, promote, and attend events.

Key Features:

  1. User-Generated Events: Enable community members to create and submit their events through a user-friendly submission form, allowing for a diverse range of events to be showcased on your website.
  2. Event Management Tools: Provide organizers with tools to manage event details, including dates, times, locations, descriptions, and images, ensuring accurate and comprehensive event listings.
  3. Customizable Event Templates: Customize event templates and layouts to match the branding and design aesthetics of your website, creating a cohesive and visually appealing event calendar.
  4. Event Registration and RSVP: Allow users to register for events or RSVP directly from the event listings, streamlining the registration process and encouraging participation.
  5. Social Sharing Integration: Integrate social sharing features into event pages, allowing users to easily share event details with their networks on social media platforms, increasing event visibility and reach.
  6. Event Categories and Tags: Organize events into categories and tags to facilitate browsing and discovery, making it easy for users to find events that match their interests and preferences.
  7. Event Calendar View: Display events in a calendar view, providing users with an intuitive and interactive way to browse upcoming events and plan their schedules.
  8. Event Filtering and Search: Implement filtering and search functionality to help users find events based on criteria such as date, location, category, or keyword, enhancing the user experience and usability of the event calendar.
  9. Event Reminders and Notifications: Send automated reminders and notifications to users about upcoming events, ensuring that attendees stay informed and engaged.
  10. Integration with Other Plugins: Seamlessly integrate with other plugins and services, such as payment gateways, ticketing systems, and email marketing tools, to enhance event management and promotion capabilities.


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Community Events – Calendarize it! GPL
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