Charitable Geolocation 1.1.8 GPL

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Charitable Geolocation 1.1.8 GPL Version

Charitable Geolocation 1.1.8 GPL is an indispensable extension for the Charitable WordPress plugin, designed to enhance fundraising efforts by leveraging geolocation data. This addon empowers organizations to personalize donor experiences, target fundraising campaigns effectively, and optimize outreach efforts based on donors’ geographic locations.

Key Features:

  1. Geographic Targeting: Utilize geolocation data to target fundraising campaigns and outreach efforts to specific geographic regions, allowing organizations to tailor their messaging and appeals to local audiences effectively.
  2. Personalized Appeals: Craft personalized appeals and messages for donors based on their geographic location, addressing local issues, concerns, and interests to resonate with donors on a more personal and relevant level.
  3. Localized Impact Stories: Highlight the impact of donations within specific geographic areas by sharing localized success stories, testimonials, and case studies, demonstrating the tangible difference that donations make in local communities.
  4. Event Targeting: Target fundraising events and activities to specific geographic regions or communities, ensuring that events are accessible and relevant to local supporters and stakeholders.
  5. Donor Segmentation: Segment donors based on their geographic location to better understand regional trends, preferences, and behaviors, enabling organizations to tailor communication strategies and engagement initiatives accordingly.
  6. Location-Based Incentives: Offer location-based incentives and rewards to encourage donations from specific regions or communities, such as matching grants, exclusive events, or localized recognition programs.
  7. Mapping Integration: Integrate geolocation data with mapping tools and visualizations to create interactive maps showcasing the geographic distribution of donors, campaigns, and impact areas, providing stakeholders with a visual representation of fundraising efforts.
  8. Regional Partnership Opportunities: Identify partnership opportunities with local businesses, organizations, and community groups based on geographic proximity, leveraging collaborative efforts to amplify fundraising impact and reach new audiences.
  9. Event Promotion: Promote fundraising events and initiatives to local media outlets, community calendars, and online platforms targeting specific geographic regions, maximizing event attendance and engagement within local communities.
  10. Data Privacy Compliance: Ensure compliance with data privacy regulations and guidelines when collecting and utilizing geolocation data, implementing robust data protection measures and obtaining consent from donors when necessary to protect their privacy and confidentiality.


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Charitable Geolocation 1.1.8 GPL
Original price was: €8.49.Current price is: €3.99.
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