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BookingPress Tip Addon 1.3 GPL Version


Do you want to show your appreciation to your staff members who provide excellent services to your customers? If yes, then you need BookingPress Tip Addon 1.3. This is a wonderful addon for BookingPress, a WordPress plugin that allows you to create and manage online booking systems for your services.

With BookingPress Tip Addon 1.3, you can enable your customers to add a tip for the service that they are booking. Tips can be collected with the payment initiation at the time of booking. Tips will directly be assigned to the payment of the selected staff member for the booked service. If there are no staff members, tips will be assigned to the admin.

This addon helps you to make a positive approach to your business by encouraging your staff members with the tip. You can also increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by allowing them to express their gratitude and recognition for your services.

BookingPress Tip Addon 1.3 is a must-have addon for your online booking system and payment website. Don’t miss this chance to reward your staff members and delight your customers with BookingPress and Tip!

PS: This plugin is regularly checked and updated.


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BookingPress Tip Addon 1.3 GPL
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