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BookingPress – Razorpay Payment Gateway Addon 1.5 GPL Version

Streamline your online booking and payment processes with the BookingPress – Razorpay Payment Gateway Addon 1.5 GPL. This powerful plugin integrates the Razorpay payment gateway into your BookingPress booking system, offering a secure and efficient online payment solution for your business. Perfect for service-oriented businesses like spas, clinics, or tutorial centers that require reliable and seamless transaction capabilities, this GPL-compliant addon enables you to offer your customers a hassle-free payment experience, boosting conversion rates and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Key Features:

  1. Seamless Razorpay Integration: Connect your BookingPress system with the Razorpay payment gateway effortlessly, enabling secure and straightforward online payments.
  2. Diverse Payment Options: Offer your customers a wide range of payment methods supported by Razorpay, including credit/debit cards, net banking, UPI, and wallets, catering to varied customer preferences.
  3. Enhanced Payment Security: Benefit from Razorpay’s robust security features, ensuring that all transactions are encrypted and compliant with the latest security standards, safeguarding your customers’ payment information.
  4. Streamlined Booking Experience: Allow customers to complete their bookings and payments within a few easy steps, minimizing drop-offs and enhancing the overall user experience.
  5. Real-time Payment Confirmation: Receive instant notifications upon successful transactions, enabling you to confirm bookings promptly and keep your schedule updated.
  6. Customizable Payment Settings: Tailor the payment gateway settings to align with your business processes, including configuring payment success messages and failure handling.
  7. Financial Management: Monitor and manage your financial transactions directly within the BookingPress dashboard, keeping track of earnings, refunds, and payment statuses.
  8. Multi-Currency Support: Reach a global audience by accepting payments in multiple currencies, making your services accessible to customers worldwide.
  9. GPL Licensing: Enjoy the flexibility to modify and extend the addon as per your business requirements, leveraging the adaptability offered by its GPL licensing.

Conclusion: BookingPress – Razorpay Payment Gateway Addon 1.5 GPL is an essential solution for businesses looking to streamline their online booking and payment processes. By integrating this addon, you not only enhance the convenience and security of your transactions but also provide a superior booking experience, ultimately driving growth and customer loyalty. Equip your BookingPress system with the Razorpay Payment Gateway Addon today and take a significant step towards operational excellence and customer satisfaction.


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(NOT WORKING) BookingPress – Razorpay Payment Gateway Addon 1.5 GPL
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