Awebooking Woocommerce Integration 1.0.9 GPL



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Awebooking Woocommerce Integration 1.0.9 GPL Version


Do you want to sell your hotel rooms, services or products on your website? Do you want to use the most popular e-commerce platform for WordPress? If yes, then you need the Awebooking Woocommerce Integration 1.0.9 plugin!

Awebooking Woocommerce Integration 1.0.9 is an add-on that provides a seamless interaction between Awebooking and WooCommerce. This integration builds a bridge between the booking system and the e-commerce, allowing you to sell goods, services or accommodation right on your Awebooking website.

With Awebooking Woocommerce Integration 1.0.9, you can:

  • Create WooCommerce products for each room type in Awebooking.
  • Set different prices and availability for each product variation.
  • Sync the inventory between Awebooking and WooCommerce.
  • Use WooCommerce checkout process for booking confirmation and payment.
  • Use WooCommerce coupons and discounts for booking discounts.
  • Use WooCommerce reports and analytics for booking statistics.
  • Use any WooCommerce compatible payment gateway, shipping method or extension.

The Awebooking Woocommerce Integration 1.0.9 plugin is compatible with Awebooking 4.0.0 or higher, and requires a license key for updates and support

PS: This plugin is regularly checked and updated.



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Awebooking Woocommerce Integration 1.0.9 GPL
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