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AutomatorWP ARMember 1.0.0 GPL Version


AutomatorWP ARMember 1.0.0 is a plugin that allows you to connect AutomatorWP with ARMember, a WordPress membership plugin that provides various features for creating and managing membership sites. With this plugin, you can create automations based on the actions and events related to ARMember, such as adding or canceling a membership plan, approving or rejecting a form entry, and more.

This plugin is very useful for creating dynamic and personalized experiences for your members, as well as streamlining your workflows and saving time. You can use AutomatorWP to trigger actions in other plugins or services when a user performs an action in ARMember, or vice versa. For example, you can send an email, award points, enroll in a course, or activate a code snippet when a user joins or leaves a membership plan.

AutomatorWP ARMember 1.0.0 requires AutomatorWP 2.4.9 or higher, which is a free plugin that lets you automate tasks on your WordPress site using triggers and actions. You can also use AutomatorWP Pro 1.5.3 or higher, which is a premium plugin that adds more features and integrations to AutomatorWP.

PS: This plugin is regularly checked and updated.


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AutomatorWP ARMember 1.0.0 GPL
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