Automatic CSS Framework 2.8.3 GPL

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Automatic CSS Framework 2.8.3 GPL Version

If you are a WordPress user who wants to create beautiful and responsive websites without writing a single line of code, you might be interested in Automatic CSS Framework 2.8.1, a plugin that can supercharge your WordPress page builders with fluid typography, color management, responsive design, and ultra consistency.

Automatic CSS Framework 2.8.3 is a plugin that uses the latest CSS technology to create a utility framework for WordPress page builders, such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, or Oxygen. A utility framework is a collection of CSS classes that can help you style any element on your website with ease and speed. You can use these classes to control the appearance and functionality of your website, such as typography, colors, spacing, grid, responsive, and more.

Some of the benefits of using Automatic CSS Framework 2.8.3 are:

  • You can save time and effort – instead of writing custom CSS code for every element on your website, you can simply use the predefined classes that Automatic CSS Framework 2.8.3 provides. You can also customize the classes to suit your preferences and needs from the plugin dashboard.
  • You can create consistent and professional websites – Automatic CSS Framework 2.8.3 ensures that all the elements on your website follow a perfect mathematical scale and hierarchy, creating a harmonious and balanced design. You can also use the plugin’s color management system to set your brand colors and generate shade variants for them.
  • You can create responsive and adaptive websites – Automatic CSS Framework 2.8.3 uses advanced CSS techniques, such as clamp and calc functions, to make sure that all the elements on your website are perfectly responsive and adaptive to different screen sizes and devices. You don’t have to worry about breakpoints or media queries; the plugin handles everything for you.
  • You can integrate with any WordPress theme or plugin – Automatic CSS Framework 2.8.3 is compatible with most WordPress themes and plugins, and it works seamlessly with any page builder. You can use the plugin’s shortcodes or variables to insert the classes into any part of your website, such as pages, widgets, menus, or headers.

Automatic CSS Framework 2.8.3 is not just a plugin; it’s a powerhouse. It also offers various tools and features that can help you fine-tune your website design, such as:

  • Fine-tuning – you can train the plugin’s AI model with your own data or examples, and adjust its parameters to fit your design and layout.
  • Embeddings – you can generate embeddings for your content, which are numerical representations that capture its meaning and context. You can use these embeddings for various purposes, such as clustering, similarity analysis, or recommendation systems.
  • Fallbacks – you can set fallback values for browsers that don’t support clamp or calc functions, ensuring that your website looks good on any browser.
  • Statistics – you can monitor and analyze the performance and usage of the plugin’s AI model on your website. You can view various statistics, such as the number of requests, the response time, the error rate, or the usage limit.

Automatic CSS Framework 2.8.3 is easy to install and use, and it comes with excellent support and documentation.

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PS: This plugin is updated at regular intervals.


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