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AutomateWoo – Subscriptions 1.2.1 GPL Version

AutomateWoo – Subscriptions is an add-on for AutomateWoo, a plugin that allows you to create powerful marketing campaigns for your WooCommerce store. With AutomateWoo, you can send personalized emails, SMS messages, coupons, and more to your customers based on their behavior and purchase history.

AutomateWoo – Subscriptions extends the functionality of AutomateWoo by adding new actions that let you control the status, billing, shipping, and products of your subscriptions. For example, you can use AutomateWoo – Subscriptions to:

  • Change the status of a subscription based on certain triggers, such as payment failure, renewal date, or customer feedback.
  • Update the billing or shipping details of a subscription to prevent errors or delays in delivery.
  • Add or remove products from a subscription to upsell or cross-sell your customers.
  • Recalculate the totals or regenerate the download permissions of a subscription to ensure accuracy and security.

With AutomateWoo – Subscriptions, you can create custom workflows that suit your business needs and optimize your subscription revenue. You can also combine AutomateWoo – Subscriptions with other AutomateWoo add-ons, such as Refer A Friend, Birthdays, and Wishlist Marketing, to create even more powerful marketing campaigns.

PS: This plugin is regularly checked and updated.


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AutomateWoo – Subscriptions 1.2.1 GPL
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