AffiliateWP: Recurring Referrals 1.9.2 GPL

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AffiliateWP: Recurring Referrals 1.9.2 GPL Version

Do you want to reward your affiliates for bringing you loyal customers who keep paying for your products or services? If so, you need the AffiliateWP Recurring Referrals plugin. This plugin enables you to track and record affiliate commissions for every subscription payment that is made by a customer who was referred by an affiliate.

AffiliateWP Recurring Referrals is an add-on for the AffiliateWP plugin, which is the best affiliate marketing solution for WordPress. AffiliateWP allows you to create and manage an affiliate program for your WordPress site, where you can recruit, track and pay affiliates who promote your products or services.

With the Recurring Referrals add-on, you can extend the functionality of AffiliateWP to support recurring payments from various platforms, such as WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Restrict Content Pro, Paid Memberships Pro, MemberPress, MemberMouse, Gravity Forms, Stripe, LifterLMS and PayPal Buttons. You can choose to enable recurring referrals for all or some of these platforms, depending on your needs.

The Recurring Referrals add-on also gives you the option to set different rates and rate types for recurring referrals. You can use a percentage or a flat amount to calculate the commission that affiliates earn on subscription renewals. You can also use the default rate from AffiliateWP or set a custom rate for each affiliate. Additionally, you can limit the number of recurring referrals that are created for each subscription, and apply tiered rates if you have the Tiered Affiliate Rates add-on installed.

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AffiliateWP: Recurring Referrals 1.9.2 GPL
Original price was: €8.50.Current price is: €3.99.
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