AffiliateWP Lifetime Commissions 1.6.1 GPL

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AffiliateWP Lifetime Commissions 1.6.1 GPL Version

Do you want to reward your loyal affiliates with lifetime commissions for every purchase made by their referrals? If yes, then you need AffiliateWP Lifetime Commissions, a plugin that allows you to create and manage lifetime commissions for your affiliates on your WordPress site.

AffiliateWP Lifetime Commissions is an add-on for AffiliateWP, the best affiliate marketing plugin for WordPress. It lets you enable lifetime commissions for all affiliates on your site, or on a per-affiliate basis. You can also set different lifetime commission rates for different products or product categories.

With AffiliateWP Lifetime Commissions, you can link any customer with a user account to an affiliate from the WordPress admin. The linked affiliate will then receive a commission on all future purchases made by the customer, regardless of the referral link used. You can also view and edit the lifetime customer-affiliate relationships from the admin panel.

AffiliateWP Lifetime Commissions is a great way to increase your sales and conversions by incentivizing your affiliates to promote your products or services more effectively.

PS: This plugin is regularly checked and updated.


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AffiliateWP Lifetime Commissions 1.6.1 GPL
Original price was: €9.50.Current price is: €3.99.
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