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Affiliate Area Tabs 1.4 GPL Version


Are you looking for a way to improve your affiliate program and make it easier for your affiliates to access the information they need? If so, you might want to check out the Affiliate Area Tabs plugin for WordPress.

Affiliate Area Tabs is a plugin that works with AffiliateWP, the most popular affiliate management system for WordPress. AffiliateWP allows you to create and manage an affiliate program for your e-commerce or membership site, and reward your affiliates for bringing you more customers.

Affiliate Area Tabs enhances AffiliateWP by letting you add custom tabs to the Affiliate Area, the dashboard where your affiliates can view their stats, referrals, creatives, and settings. You can link each tab to a WordPress page, and customize the content as you wish. The pages are only visible to your affiliates, so you can share exclusive information with them.

Some of the benefits of using Affiliate Area Tabs are:

– You can add as many tabs as you want, and reorder them with drag and drop.

– You can hide any tab from the front-end if you don’t want it to show up.

– You can manage the tabs added by other AffiliateWP add-ons, such as Direct Link Tracking, Show Affiliate Coupons, and Order Details For Affiliates.

– You can use the tabs to provide useful resources and guidance for your affiliates, such as FAQs, contact forms, payout requests, promotional materials, commission rates, leaderboards, news, and more.

– You can use AffiliateWP’s shortcodes to display dynamic information in the tabs, such as the affiliate’s referral URL or earnings.

PS: This plugin is regularly checked and updated.


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Affiliate Area Tabs 1.4 GPL
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