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Advanced Ads Pro 2.24.2 GPL Version

Are you looking for a way to optimize your ads and increase your revenue from your e-commerce website? If so, you might want to check out Advanced Ads Pro, a powerful WordPress plugin that offers many features and options to enhance, style, and embed ads in all possible scenarios.

Advanced Ads Pro is the premium version of Advanced Ads, a free plugin that lets you manage and display an unlimited number of ads from any ad network, static images, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, or even shortcodes. Advanced Ads Pro adds more functionality and flexibility to the free plugin, such as:

  • Cache Busting: This feature allows you to bypass any caching mechanism on your website and deliver dynamic and personalized ads to your visitors. This way, you can ensure that your ads are always up to date and relevant to your audience.
  • Additional Placements: This feature gives you more options to place your ads in the positions that generate the most attention and clicks, such as in the middle or at random places in the content, between posts on archive pages, in ad grids, or as background ads.
  • Display Conditions: This feature lets you control where and when your ads are shown on your website based on various criteria, such as post type, category, tag, taxonomy, author, date, page template, URL parameter, and more.
  • Visitor Conditions: This feature enables you to target your ads to specific user groups based on parameters like geolocation, URL referrer, user role, browser language, keywords, specific cookies, number of previous ad or page impressions, and more.
  • Lazy Loading: This feature improves the page speed of your website by loading the ads only when they are visible in the viewport of the browser. This way, you can reduce the impact of ads on your website performance and user experience.
  • Click Fraud Protection: This feature protects your ads from fraudulent clicks from competitors or malicious bots. It detects and blocks suspicious click behavior and prevents your ad networks from banning or limiting your accounts.
  • AdBlocker Fallbacks: This feature allows you to monetize your website visitors who use an AdBlocker by showing them alternative content or messages instead of your regular ads. You can also ask them to whitelist your website or subscribe to your newsletter or premium service.
  • Convenient Integrations: This feature makes it easy for you to integrate Advanced Ads Pro with other popular WordPress plugins, such as BuddyPress, BuddyBoss, bbPress, GamiPress, WPML, WP Bakery, or Paid Memberships Pro. You can automatically choose the appropriate placements and conditions to target your ads based on these plugins.

With Advanced Ads Pro, you can take your ad management to a new level and boost your income from your e-commerce website. You can also benefit from other features like real-time stats, shareable reports, AdSense and Google Ad Manager integration, scheduling ads, rotating ads, sticky ads, and more.

PS: This plugin is updated regularly.


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