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Admin Columns BuddyPress Addon 1.7 GPL Version


BuddyPress is a powerful community plugin for WordPress that lets you create social networking features on your site. With BuddyPress, you can add profile fields, groups, activity streams, messages, and more to your users.

But how do you manage your BuddyPress users from the WordPress dashboard? How do you sort, filter, edit, and update their profile fields without going into each user’s profile page?

That’s where Admin Columns comes in. Admin Columns is a plugin that enhances the WordPress admin screens with custom columns. You can add columns for any type of content, such as posts, pages, media, comments, and users.

The Admin Columns BuddyPress Addon has the following features:

  • Display any BuddyPress profile field as a column. You can choose from text, number, date, checkbox, select, radio, multiselect, and textarea fields. You can also display the user avatar, display name, username, email, registration date, last activity date, and role as columns.
  • Sort and filter users based on profile fields. You can sort your users by any column and filter them by using the smart filters feature. For example, you can find users who belong to a certain group, who have a specific birthday, who have filled out a certain field, and more.
  • Edit user profile fields inline. You can edit any profile field directly from the user overview screen by using the inline edit feature. You can update a single or multiple profiles in just a few clicks. No more going into each user’s profile page and saving changes.
  • Export user data to CSV. You can export your user data to a CSV file by using the export feature. You can choose which columns to include in the export and download the file to your computer.

PS: This plugin is regularly checked and updated.


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Admin Columns BuddyPress Addon 1.7 GPL
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